1. notleia says:

    And then after reading this, I spent a solid fifteen minutes on the wiki because I’d only ever heard of ironwood trees being tropical, so it made no sense for a desert environment, but there is, in fact, a species of desert tree that bears the common name “ironwood.” I can easily imagine some bunghole setting a plains herbivore like zebras loose in a less-than-ideal desert environment, but the tree thing would have broken my suspension of disbelief even though I can accept Martian prisons.

  2. I admire your diligence, notleia. The zebras kind of threw me off, I have to admit, but I didn’t know anything about ironwood trees, so I was OK with that. Interesting how little details like that matter.


  3. dmdutcher says:

    I always thought I owned this book for some reason, but inspecting my library I dont. I need to start picking Christian spec fic up again.

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