1. Here’s another question. Which of these books have you already read or ordered and which did you just learn about from this post?

    Thanks for your feedback on this — it’s not scientific polling, but I think it’s good to know if posts like this are helpful to readers looking for books.


  2. Galadriel says:

    I’ve already read Replication, and am looking forward to Moonblood.

  3. Maria Tatham says:

    Becky, all but two titles (Replication and Moonblood) are news to me. I’ve not read or ordered either of those. Because of this post, I want to read Moonblood and the Tyers book.

  4. Bainespal says:

    I had been working on a review of the two ebooks Divine Summons and A Greater Strength, the beginning of The Windrider Saga by Rebecca P. Minor.  The print edition of Windrider, containing both of the ebooks, has just been released, and it deserved to be mentioned.  I would add it to the library here, but I don’t know how to handle the two ebooks that are both contained in the print edition.

    I didn’t have anywhere to put the review, so I started my own blog.  If I had been able to figure out how to submit reviews here, I might not have started the blog.  (I may have eventually started the blog, though, because I’m interested in reviewing other things besides Christian speculative fiction.)

    I also felt that my reviews aren’t suitable for Amazon. Do you mainly want short reviews based on the reader experience for Speculative Faith?

    As for the books mentioned in today’s column, I’d heard about Replication, Daystar, Daughter of Light, and (just recently) Moonblood.  Most of what I hear about Christian speculative fiction comes from the Marcher Lord Press newsletter.

    • Thanks for the shout out, Bainespal! I appreciate the little promotion there.
      And thanks also, Rebecca for the “heads up” list here. Lots of titles to keep an eye on. So many books, so little time…

      • I agree, Rebecca. That’s why I hope we can get the Spec Faith library reviews hopping. I have great hope that we can find the best books for the precious time we have to read via our collective input.

        Great to know about The Windrider Saga. I hope those do get added to the library. Anyone can put them in. Click on Submit a novel to the library in the sidebar and that will open up the form.


  5. Bainespal says:

    I’ll add that I’m excited about Daughter of Light.  The blurb sounds good.  I have high hopes for it, and I’ve been planning to order it. 🙂

  6. Hey Becky!
    Thanks for including my book in your list 🙂
    Another book that just released is I am Ocilla by Diane M. Graham (put out by Splashdown Books). I have not read it yet, just purchased the book.
    Ok, I’m a book geek. I heard about all these books and can’t wait to read them 🙂

  7. I like your list.
    A revised Shatterworld, the first in a trilogy (though each can be read as a stand-alone) should be launched in mid-May by Written World Communication.
    Twelve year old Rejoice wants to become an astronomer, but her Amish-like colony on New Earth want her to become a farmer. She also discovers a monster, maybe.
    In Circumnavigation of Shatterworld, sixteen year old Rejoice, broken-hearted and despairing of ever finding love, sails around the world. She discovers monsters, definitely.
    In Pacifists’ War, thirty-two year old Rejoice, married, with two sons, meets with human monsters and discovers how many fronts war can be fought on.

  8. John Otte says:

    Don’t forget my book! Failstate is being published in the same list as Daughter of Light and Daystar! If you want more information, just head over to my blog. I just consolidated a lot of information into one spot.

    • Thank you, John. Glad you provided a link so we can learn more about your book. And shame on me for not adding you to the list. (And that would have been ten books on the introduction list. It would have felt so much more complete. I could have even called the post something like Ten Books Spec Readers Need to Buy — or something. 😉 )


  9. Kirsty says:

    Never heard of any of them – ‘Replication’ sounds particularly interesting.

  10. Maria Tatham says:

    tiptoeing in…

    Please remember my fantasy (released June 2011), The Queen and the Handyman:

    This mix of women’s fiction, fantasy, and supernatural thriller takes place in the small, untidy Kingdom of Zuphof, a 17th century realm bordered by greedy neighbors and formidable wilds. Marta (the Queen) and Trimble (the palace handyman) make a dangerous winter trek into those wilds in an attempt to find her father, the King. The King…how to describe this lovable but infuriating man? He never stayed home for long and was constantly embarking on quests – pet projects motivated by his unquenchable desire for adventure. Marta is somewhat like him, so that her story and Trimble’s essentially becomes a huge misadventure. There’s action, mystery, some romance, characters that may seem like some people you know, humor, and a villain worthy of the name. There are also many wild, strange, fairytale beings with unique twists. Find out what happens to this ingénue and rough-and-ready old-timer when they cross paths with the dastardly Drugen…!


  11. Maria Tatham says:

    Yikes! I did not intend my post to appear in bold. That is what happened when I worked back and forth among various files. Guess (gulp) you get it that I have a book…

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