1. I love Stargate, far more than Trek or Wars, partly for some of the reasons you list. Characters you come to live. Consequences. Continuity. (Some of those “throwaway” episodes from season one matter immensely later on.). I’m currently on season 9 with my third child after watching them all with my wife when they came out, and then with each of my other kids. So this is at least the fourth time through.

    A note on that stupid nude scene: Showtime demanded it, and the creators knew it was stupid and pointless and said so in dozens of interviews. Years later, they released a remastered version of the pilot episode, Children of the Gods, as a stand-alone movie, in which they cut that scene out.

    • tt_perry says:

      Tim, thanks for your input.

      I don’t yet love Stargate but maybe I will as I continue watching. But I started with a low opinion that shot upwards as I continued watching.

      Yeah I can totally see Showtime insisting on a nude scene over objections. Thank God they were not able to manage to get the series creators to repeat that unexpected bit of awful…

  2. Autumn Grayson says:

    Yeah, over time I’ve learned that even though it’s good to have cool new ideas, it’s often the execution that matters more, especially in stories. And then I think a lot of us have favorite story elements and tropes we like seeing used over and over (so long as they’re done right) even though they’re obviously not original anymore.

    I don’t think I’d bother to watch Stargate, at least not by myself. Maybe if I was with friends and they decided it was what they wanted to see. IDK, some shows don’t interest me in and of themselves, but can still be fun to see with other people to get their reaction to those particular shows.

    • tt_perry says:

      Yeah of course execution matters but some of my favorite science fiction stories have what I consider a good idea at its core–and Stargate is in that category in part. The ancient Egypt thing I’m not so on board with (for me, it’s often cheesy, at least so far), but that the US Military found a way to travel to other stars in an archeological dig and needs to use it in spite of risks or we will all be crushed by powerful aliens? That’s a good story idea.

      As for Stargate SG-1, I was only at best mildly interested. But actually watching it raised my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. sherryt says:

    I became a strong fan of Stargate series. I liked the movie, mostly the premise. I really liked Daniel. “Once you get the vowels figured out” was his strong point. In the series he became head researcher of ancient cultures and translator of written information. Translating Goa’uld and then the higher level ancient’s writing was a big part of his job.

    My take on the lack of faith is, for good or bad, mostly bad; the military has downplayed the services of chaplains to the point congress tries to get rid of the chaplains corps every now and then. The only thing that keeps them is their charter stating soldiers must have access to their faith during service, a constitutional first amendment right. I’ve met a number of chaplains. Some I considered less than shining examples of spiritual leaders. I don’t know if that had to do with an anti-faith atmosphere and some rules against doing what shepherds of the faith do, or what.

    Finding the true god was never part of the show, but one wishes it had been. Tealc’s faith in the Goa’uld was broken as was his mentors when they recognized they were dealing with false gods. They reacted dramatically, which seemed to be the writer’s secondary theme; killing false gods. To do that, one must have some yard stick to know what a true God is. Inner understanding with no explanation was the way the writers did it.

    If the show dealt with true faith at all, it was showing characters walking the walk, if not the talk. There was a strong sense of morality in the show, which you mentioned. Right and wrong were not metaphysical notions or questions. When they were treated as such, it was a sign of a false god or enemies at work.

    • tt_perry says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. In general, I think think turning away from false gods without turning to the true God isn’t realistic. It puts materialism in the driver’s seat, which winds up being its own kind of god…

      • sherrytbb says:

        I have my own write-up about God and dealing with a multi-sentient universe with eerily similar written text about the one God to the point multiple world religions agreed to not to split hairs and to each his own book.

  4. B'Radical says:

    The joy of SG-1 is not the stories or the world building. It’s the characters and their devotion to each other. That’s why only reviewing season 1 doesn’t capture the true strengths. For instance, Carter is the greatest female role model of all time. The last few seasons were a bit labored, but I’ve watched all 10 seasins twice.

    • tt_perry says:

      Your comment makes me curious as to why you see Carter as the greatest female role model of all time. She’s a solid character in season one, to be sure. But with some people drawn to say, Wonder Woman as a role model or Ripley from the Alien franchise or Captain Janeway from Star Trek, what makes Carter greater than any of those other figures?

      • notleia says:

        I think Janeway was unfortunately jerked around by writers who couldn’t make up their minds on how to handle her character, but on the other hand, if Amanda Tapping was less charismatic, Carter would probably have been in danger of just being a one-note set piece used to make the plot go boom, with action-girl-flavored sprinkles.

  5. notleia says:

    It was one of my comfy trash-watching shows that I can crochet while watching/listening. It definitely suffers a lot of campy TV pitfalls, but then Teal’c raises his eyebrow and says “Indeed” and I forgive it.
    Once upon a time I owned the DVD set for all 10 seasons, but I got rid of it sometime after college, when I moved around a lot, because it was giant and heavy. It’s been long enough that I’m enjoying watching choice episodes but skipping the lamer ones (like Hathor, ugh what a waste).

  6. Beregond says:

    I’ve watched all of SG-1, and the first couple seasons of Atlantis. I enjoyed it all. I will say, though, that in the later seasons, there’s a different foe that seems a bit more similar to Christianity. I’m still not quite sure about that, and whether it was purposely putting Christianity in a bad light, or showing how something like Christianity could go wrong without such vital elements as forgiveness.

    I will say, though, that the whole theme of the show is one of freeing oneself from false gods and taking ones place among the stars. Later on, they learn of other ancient races, who were all very powerful. But I think there is a very, very slight message of “We are in control of our own destiny, no god rules over us.” Which similarly, I don’t agree with. But it doesn’t come up too terribly often, and I can still enjoy the show.

    I did once consider writing a bit of fanfiction where the main character is a chaplain attached to the SGC. I didn’t take it very far, though, and honestly, I think it would come off as a bit too preachy. It might be better for the main character to be a common soldier, who then goes to the chaplain for advice. Say, actually, that’s a much better idea…

    • tt_perry says:

      Yeah, I do think there is a vibe of “we don’t need to worship nobody” in Stargate. Which actually is pretty similar to certain episodes of Star Trek.

      It would be interesting to write fanfiction of another stargate team, say SG-7, which featured some Christians on the team, who, without being preachy, simply reacted naturally to what was going on. And yeah, we never hear about him, but there has to be a chaplain at the SGC, who would very realistically play a role in the lives of at least some of the people assigned there.

  7. Allison says:

    I really like stargate and sg1. Daniel my fave. but stargate seems like its mocking Christianity with the ori and adria. is it?

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