1. Classic speculative TV is a huge influence on my writing of Christian speculative fiction. I watched Star Trek TOS first run with my mom. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was another favorite when I was young. The Six Million Dollar Man was my favorite in middle school.

  2. Audie Thacker says:

    Looking more at books than TV or movies…

    I remember the Tom Swift stories, which were a lot like reading The Hardy Boys but more sci-fi than mystery.

    There were also The Three Investigators, which were mysteries that also sometimes had a spiritual or fake-spiritual element to them.

    Oh, and Danny Dunn. Those books were fun, too. There was also Miss Pickerell, though I didn’t get as much into those stories.

    What else? Tom Corbett, Space Cadet. Kinda like Tom Swift, but for a bit older readers. And Lucky Starr.

  3. Audie Thacker says:

    A lot of the old monster and horror movies have aged well, things like the original Dracula and Frankenstein, and Godzilla and King Kong. On the other hand, the sequels or later works based on those ideas have often been iffy, and some even goofy. But there’s also the intentionally comedic, such as the Abbott and Costello movies, which are pretty good.

    Here’s a possibly interesting question: has it helped or hurt older movies that nowadays if people do watch them it’s because they are on shows like Svengoolie or MST3K?

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