1. Lately I haven’t thought as much about people settling the moon itself, especially not for military purposes, but it does make sense.

    The concerns with having a weapon in our orbit(even one that’s supposed to protect us) were kinda talked about in the Young Justice animated series as well, if I recall correctly. Like, there was some debate over the fact that the Justice League had their big meeting place/space station thing up in orbit where it could easily fire its lasers at earth. Of course the Justice League built it to help counter threats from space and stated that much, but understandably there was still a lot of mistrust toward them.

    The Outer Space Treaty sounds like a very good idea for now, but we’ll see how long it lasts. Considering the way people tend to be, the treaty will probably get violated, altered, or even gotten rid of as space exploration, travel, etc becomes commonplace. That would be especially true if future spacefaring civilizations of humans became estranged from us or we discovered hostile aliens. At that point, our fears would likely turn much more outward and shift our priorities accordingly.

    I’ve sorta seen the moon mainly a place for research and a bit of a trial run for space exploration and settlement. Since it’s pretty much the closest thing to us, we could potentially help any moon colony if it happened to be in trouble. Or, at the very least, its settlers would have a chance to evacuate to earth if something went wrong. So in a lot of ways it’s a good first step in terms of learning how to handle certain conditions of space settlement.

  2. Renae Meredith says:

    I’m really enjoying this whole series. Thank you.
    Mary Robinette Kowal’s latest entry in her Lady Astronaut series, The Relentless Moon, is focused on the colonization of the Moon as part of her larger world of an alternate history of the space program and is very good. Her research and imagination made me think about the technology of colonization in ways I hadn’t before.
    I’ve often thought that I’d have loved to be a moon or Mars colonist, born in another time. I hope that my grandchildren will see the time when we have science bases on both. I think the idea of astronomical observatories based on the far side is exciting.

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