1. SparksofEmber says:

    lol – What an exhilarating way to wake up!

  2. Ha!!! This is awesome. 😀 I love it when intense gospel truth makes its way into dreams.

  3. Side note…is there a typo in the title of the SpecFaith site? It looks liek it reads “Specuiative Faith.” The L is identical to the I in “faith”. Is that just the font, or…?

  4. Lauren B says:

    What an awesome dream!! And so funny. You should make a short story out of it or something!

  5. One interesting thing, on a little tangent, Dobson claims to know a man who led Trump to the Lord recently. So, he may be a baby Christian. We can certainly pray.

    • We can certainly pray … but such claims are unfortunately very, very dubious. In fact, I rank under “almost certainly false” any claims that Celebrity X is a Christian. These rumors have been around for a while, but most recently I’ve seen a rush of clickbait-style article purporting to reveal the faith of Tom Selleck, Tom Hanks, and plenty of other celebrities (not always named Tom). Chris Pratt is another semi-recent example. I wrote about that here. One could basically swap out the name and it would apply to any other celebrity-is-actually-a-Christian claim. 🙂

      Please stick around though, David. I know we agree on many things!

  6. Paul Lee says:

    Funniest thing I’ve read encountered all week, I think. I totally see the old homeschool YEC mom trying to swear! That totally must have happened at least once in human history, just exactly like that….

    My homeschool group in Upstate New York was heavily represented by Catholics. I don’t have the faintest idea about percentages, but there were multiple Catholic families and multiple evangelical families, of different evangelical sub-genres. I think the spirituality observed in those meetings was probably kind of weird.

  7. Julie D says:

    Hilarious. That would be so much fun!

  8. THIS. This was hilarious! I laughed out loud several times during your story, particularly when the homeschool mother swore. Probably because, as meek and demure as some of those SAHMs can seem, some of them are pretty fiesty…and I know a few.

    I’ve had a few very Gospel-oriented dreams like this, so I totally resonate with that moment of, “No! I’ve woken up. Okay, let’s just see if I can get back into the groove and finish the dream… Commencing Biblical heroics…” I didn’t know other people did that too!

    Thanks so much for sharing. It made my day!

  9. Great that you woke up preaching, Stephen. If only Mr. Trump had wakened up listening! Or Sec. Clinton, for that matter. Or any number of politicians!


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