1. Eric H. says:

    Excellent post, and I’d call it a stroke of genius to open with a parody of those “self-help gurus.”

    While I’m not an author (yet), I am a consumer, so here are my thoughts:

    1. Create a quality product; one that you yourself would love to read. C.S. Lewis’s allegedly wrote “Out of the Silent Planet” because novels of his day never seemed to contain the stuff he really enjoyed reading about. It’s usually easy for me to tell when an author wrote something because they wanted to and when they wrote something just because they thought it would sell.

    2. It’s okay to promote yourself on fan communities, but only if you have taken the time and effort to actually become part of those communities first. This way, potential buyers will look on you as a “peer” who legitimately cares about them and not just a “peddler” whose merely using them. That brings me to my third point.

    3. Have a Christ-like attitude toward these potential buyers. Legitimately care about the people you network with. Pray for them. Pray with them. Follow up on prayer requests and praise reports. Ask them to pray for you. Have a real relationship with them.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts. I’m running late for Bible Study, so I’ll see you and everyone else here later.

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