1. momofkings says:

    Hi. I struggling with the “no killing” rule that most heroes have. In my mind, it would be better to kill off the bad guy once you realize he’s doing something horrible, like wanting to blow up the world. I’m thinking of Season 4 of Green Arrow. Honestly, if they would have killed off Dahrk when they had the chance when he lost his powers, a ton of people would not have died.

    I know it’s a way to keep the story going an makes the hero a shining monument to morality. But in reality, if someone had a chance to take out the head of ISIS, let him live, he escaped and caused many more deaths, I and most people I know, would be really angry with the person who had the chance to take him out and didn’t.

    • Exactly, momofkings!

      Back in 2005-ish, the comics had Jason Todd call Batman out on this, using the same logic you did, and while they ultimately portrayed Jason as being completely wrong, they were never able to actually refute his point; they just fell back on that old ‘if I kill them, what’s to stop me from becoming like them?’ garbage.

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