1. Roger says:

    I don’t quite see what is the difference between Lorehaven and Speculative Faith. How are the two distinct?

    • Speculative Faith is an existing group of volunteer writers, each of whom writes once a week on a subject related to speculative stories and the Christian faith.

      Lorehaven will be a free magazine with special content (and an editorial structure). It will be available only in digital magazine distribution. And we’ll focus on Christian-made novels for review and enjoyment in book clubs.

      In the future, you’ll see how Lorehaven‘s website will integrate with Speculative Faith. In my view (and admittedly, speaking as editor and writer here for seven years), SpecFaith is the best source for biblically balanced, fun to read daily articles by our contributors: including Rebecca LuElla Miller (Mondays), Zachary Totah (Tuesdays), Shannon McDermott and Mark Carver (Wednesdays), and guest writers on Fridays. SpecFaith will continue to exist as-is. There’s no need to add a daily content side to Lorehaven — if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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