1. Gretchen E.K. Engel says:

    So, I am literally a “different kind of GEKE”. GEKE, seriously, those are my legal initials – first, middle, maiden, last. And I am. I have a degree in chemical engineering (nerd-alert), read Ayn Rand at 14 (I think that quote uses the term “bookish”), was a total “LOST” fanatic (as in listened to hours of podcasts after watching the show), and have an obsession with hot springs. Oddly, I’m not a “traditional” geek (hence my tagline). I don’t read comic books. I hated science fiction and fantasy until my 30s (now I write it). I played my first RPG last month at Realm Makers. I’ve never cosplayed or attended a con. I do dress up for Realm Makers because, seriously, I never need an excuse to wear a costume, especially one with a corset.

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