1. […] Jill Williamson on writing, ‘Darkness’ and light in fiction, part 1 Friday, April 15th, 2011 by E. Stephen Burnett Introduction: today Speculative Faith begins expanding to other media with The Portal podcast. Download the audio edition of this interview (right-click and select “Save As …”). Part 2 will be available Friday, April 22. […]

  2. Great interview. Thanks!

    Jill, I didn’t know you grew up in Alaska? Where did you live? I used to live there. In Wasilla most of the time. I know what you mean about it feeding the imagination. I used to go sit up at Hatcher’s Pass, before they turned it into a tourist place with the museum and the bathrooms and the paved road, and I felt like characters were hidden in the mines calling to me, wanting me to tell their stories. Or I’d sit on the shore of one of the lakes up there and just listen to the wilderness. It always felt so mysterious.

    OK, that does it. Now I’m going to have read your books.

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