1. Hurray!!! Thanks so much for the gift card prize, and congrats to my fellow finalists – they were good entries!! 😀

  2. Darrick Dean says:

    If I may indulge in some self-promotion, I released my first fantasy novel, Among the Shadows, last month. Synopsis:

    Ethan and Milena Dietrich are two of the few gifted in using their supernatural self — their soul — to reach through the veil. After years of rooting out evil around the world, they attempt to live a normal life, all the while realizing they are meant for more. Their part in the Story is unfinished.

    Now, what was locked in shadow stirs, and where darkness has laid dormant, evil awakes. Malice not seen since ancient times, far worse than anything on the evening news, is preparing for a new Scourge across the Earth.

    Lost relics that surge with power. Nightmarish creatures thought only to be myth and legend. The Dark One’s Followers will travel through time and history, obtaining all they need to propel mankind into collapse and ruin.

    There is one problem with their plan. Watchers like Ethan and Milena are not afraid to bring the Light to dark places. Nor are they alone.

    A war of the worst sort that could end the age of man is about to begin.

    I hope some of you will check it out. -DD

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