1. Elizabeth says:

    I have Paranormia in my TBR pile, but then I read the description of Space Drifters. That sounds like a book I’d have a lot of fun reading. Now I’m torn. Which to read first?! 🙂

    • Both are good, Elizabeth. They both read fast. I think the Paranormia books have a bit more depth to them, and they do have their scary, “Yikes” moments. The Drifter books have adventure and enemies that have to be defeated, but always with a light tone. So I guess it depends on which you’re in the mood for. You can’t go wrong which ever you pick. But at some point, I suggest reading them all!


  2. Travis Perry says:

    Paul also does “The Christian Speculative Fiction” podcast in which he interviews Christian authors of speculative fiction. He interviewed me once, in fact, which was pretty nice of him.
    His podcast posts can be found in a number of places, but here’s one:

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