1. I love this post. I think it’s very apt to show how we want Jesus to be like us instead of the Lord of lives where His will is sovereign. We want a non-offensive Jesus, the one that listens to us like a good ole friend.

    Then there are times where we want Jesus to BE like the Punisher, based on our sense of right and wrong. Sometimes we want Him to be rash like the sons of the Thunder when they said, and I paraphrase in 21st century vernacular, ‘Take dez folks out.’ I know for me, I think of this when I see victims of some horrible crime are hurt from a not guilty verdict, or lack of evidence, or something like that. We want judgment and swift punishment them.

    It’s some very good points you made and they’re intriguing. Thank you.

  2. Julie D says:

    Sometimes there are posts going around online that say ‘canon Jesus is better than fanon Jesus;” while they tend to be accurate as far one issue goes, they don’t also see the whole picture.

  3. Autumn Grayson says:

    Very true. One of the verses in the Bible I like a lot is when the angel talks to Joshua. When Joshua asks if the angel is for the Israelites or their enemies, the angel says ‘Neither.’ That’s really striking when I think about it, and probably applies to just about every divine or spiritual being. God might be for us in the sense that he cares and will do what is best for us, but we silly humans think that means he believes exactly as we do and that he will further our desires and political agenda in the exact manner we prefer.

    As far as the Punisher, I haven’t seen much of him yet, but he kinda sounds like Light from Death Note. Interesting, maybe even smart, but also very arrogant since he thinks that he should be the one to decide who should live and die–never mind that most people on a rampage like his aren’t going to assess whether or not he is truly killing someone who deserves it. Either that or he will kill kind and innocent people if they get in his way.

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