1. notleia says:

    *gasp* What kind of literary heathen are you that you only recently began reading Austen? Then again, if you’ve seen the costume dramas based on them, that’s at least half credit.
    “Persuasion” is the better version of this story. Or “Sense and Sensibility,” but I prefer the former. (In any case, people tend to forget that Jane Austen wrote other things besides “Pride and Prejudice.”)

  2. Leanna P says:

    In a strange way I feel like Fanny gives credence to feminism. She’s a woman with compassion and sense but she allows her life to be dictated to her, treating acquiescence to her “betters” as a virtue. While she may seem insipid to some, she feels like a real person to me; a poignant picture of the submissive woman that some circles of our faith extol. 🙁
    Emma is the Jane Austen character that I cannot muster any sympathy for. She’s cruel and doesn’t deserve her happy ending. 😛

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