1. nulligravida ftw says:

    I find the freshest stuff on tumblr — or since I don’t wanna go to the effort of curating a proper tumblr myself, the reposts of the good stuff on pinterest.
    Like flashfics where the villain is so proud of the teenage Chosen One for doing their best but incandescently angry at the adults who keep sending children to fight for them.
    And other meta commentary stuff

  2. Autumn Grayson says:

    “Write what you want to read” is some of the best advice I’ve seen when it comes to originality. Some of the originality may not be in huge ways, but if someone combines a lot of ‘what I’d like to read’ ideas in one story then that tale can turn out fairly original. This can be in terms of what a person actually enjoys, and/or in terms of what an author believes. Some aspects of my stories that I’ve enjoyed writing the most have resulted from me disagreeing with things that I see in real life and in fiction. It can be upsetting to see certain things in the world, but they can also serve as an opportunity to reflect, articulate one’s own beliefs, and then form observations during that process that are useful for fleshing out stories and characters. Doing so can mean that an author brings an unusual perspective to the mix, or at least presents old tropes in a fresh way.

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