1. Stephen Smith says:

    Thanks for putting this recap together. I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of writing podcasts and videos, but this was the first time I really felt affirmed for being both a biblical Christian and a fantasy writer. I couldn’t get enough of this conference, especially ND Wilson! I ended up in all 3 of his sessions. And that final keynote? I was in tears.
    God bless you. See you next year in St. Louis.

    • E. Stephen Burnett says:


      At last we meet.

      Every time a speaker quoted you in the chat, I sat upright, then realized it was you.

      (Strides forward, spurs a-clinking menacingly) This con ain’t big enough for the two of us …

  2. I just want to take a moment to thank all the attendees, vendors, presenters (like you, sir, of the silky smooth radio voice and manner. Don’t think we didn’t take notice.), speakers and guests to the open events who made this new idea of virtual conferences work. We mods were not sure what to expect with the technical challenges that came up and “surprise” failures that happened from time to time, and were hoping for grace and understanding from everyone as we fought to keep all the eGremlins out and the cats properly herded.
    But you all made it fabulous. I’m talking glitter, discoball and DJ fabulous. You were patient and kind even if you had a “your princess is in another castle” moment trying to navigate. You helped each other out when we needed to find workarounds, and passed on how to get to places from Crowdcast, to Zoom appointments to just being plain nice on all the platforms we had to use to pull this off. This warm and embracing atmosphere was pervasive throughout here, and spilled over into FB and into the scattered gatherings of Realmies who just craved so much the contact and interaction with their own people.
    The biggest thing though is that Realm Makers, meaning more than just Becky and Scott and the planning committee, I’m talking all of y’all, showed your hearts in the best of ways. You exemplified your warm, faith-filled, nerdy selves. You got yer geek on and showed to everyone new or experienced why Realm Makers is such a special place.
    God bless you all, and may next year (as we hopefully go hybrid) be even more fantastic.

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