1. Matthew Reynolds says:

    Sorry, Stephen, but please immediately remove the quotes from our interview, as per Fox’s request.

  2. I have loved the Narnia movies so far. But I hate that they travel so far from the books. I don’t believe the books would make good movies without some rewriting. They are too full of internal monologue, I think. They need scenes to show things that the books tell us. That’s my theory, anyway. Unfortunately, I don’t like the modernization of the themes. I don’t like that the kids in the movies are brattier than the kids in the books were. I don’t like the White Witch in every movie.

    Still, if the movies were called something else, instead of The Chronicles of Narnia, I’d really love them. So when I go, I try to pretend that they are different stories completely and have nothing to do with the books I’ve read over and over and have loved so long.

  3. heh heh I was going to ask how you were getting around the copyright laws there. I forgot to do that.

  4. Kaci says:

    You’re right – that is a much, much better trailer.

    You know, I’m looking forward to the movie, but I had to think: You know, by letting Peter and Caspian go at it before, that whole Edmund/Caspian thing (and they are the two true rivals, not Peter) might have taken a soft blow. I hope not, because I think it’s a hilarious scene in the book.

    And who knows…Seven lords require their seven swords, so maybe you’re being toyed with. 😉

    I really wouldn’t worry too much. Caspian honestly can’t kiss Lucy after kissing Susan, no matter what happened in Pride & Prejudice. And I dare say that poor Edmund is ready for Jadis to pick on someone else. 0=)

    Anyway. I’m not worried about disliking the movie. I’ll conjure thoughts once I’ve seen it.

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  6. Christian says:

    Yes, I’ll be going to see VDT and on it’s Australian opening day. I’m not a fan of 3D (I wasn’t even impressed with Avatar), so no doubt, I’ll be seeing VDT in 2D. The trailer is a bit of mess in terms of editing but overall it’s much better because it has more of a Narnian feel and we get to see some long-awaited scenes. It’s good to hear that the quest is probably King Caspian’s second priority for the voyage and not the first. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always been interested in and found more nourishment in Eustace’s transformation with Aslan than in Aslan’s Country. Don’t get me wrong. I love Aslan’s Country but for me the Eustace’s redemption story is the key to VDT. I’m curious why the interview was taken down. It’s not as if Mark Johnson gave away huge spoilers or anything. Curiouser and curiouser.

  7. I have a question all. Once someone says something publicly, doesn’t it become, well, public domain. As long as the statements are correctly attributed, they can’t be coercively dictated about their use. Aren’t their free speech issues with Fox’s (my words) authoritarian actions?

    I am happy you all are optimistic. I am STILL quite negative, I must say.

    • This is more of a courtesy removal, as the Aslan’sCountry.com overseers might also say, knowing that Fox has been generous with its own information and shared it with Aslan’sCountry.com (and other sites). However, what Fox gets in return is marketing, a perfectly legitimate freedom of capitalism. If they released their “product” too early, their marketing plans could be jeopardized. Then they would guard the information — again, for their product, the film — even more closely.

      I just wish I had remembered that myself, when the initial version of this column included the quotes!

  8. Elisabeth says:

    I do want to see VDT! The new trailer looks exciting and seems more Narnian (if you know what I mean), and it looks less fake and souped up than Prince Caspian was. I guess December 10 will reveal the truth!

  9. Kendall H says:

    Hey Narnia fans, don’t forget that Dawn Treader is releasing on Blu Ray DVD on April 8th. Help spread the word. Tweet this reminder to all your friends with #narniavoyage to support!

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