1. Sparksofember says:

    I loved Superman Returns. It was introspective and melancholy. I can see why people worry about Man of Steel being too dark, though, just based on how the Batman movies have been going. Realistic doesn’t have to mean grimdark. And sometimes people judge from the outside and their worries/could-bes rather than from the inside and the actuality.

  2. I enjoyed Superman Returns as a return to the classic-y style Superman, despite some moody bits and the arguable miscast of Lois Lane. It did so many things right, particularly the recapturing of the Donner-era Superman film series (the best parts). In fact, at the time I only heard positive things from everyone who saw the film. Even my own parents (who never go see superhero movies) went out and saw it and enjoyed it. Then at some point the goodwill faded and public opinion decided it was only ever lackluster. In retrospect I can see some of those points, but I recall my initial positive response and haven’t moved from that. Also, John Ottman’s soundtrack was and remains an amazingly fun romp through Williams’ classic themes, and new ones!

  3. dmdutcher says:

    Well, it’s the “agony beam” problem for one. Superman II had the violence as abstract, and one of the most cringe-inducing ways to be violent in a pg-13 manner is snapping necks. Agony beams are devices that abstract violence (usually the villain torturing the hero) in order not to overly sicken the audience. Man of steel’s problem probably was the killing was too visceral.

    As for the movie, I think you two better not build it up too much. My guess is that it’s going to be some pretty bad camp.

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