1. audie says:

    –Perhaps, as Christians, it’s time to take back optimism.

    What is meant by that?

    For example, am I suppose to be optimistic about mankind’s attempts to create a utopia? I can think of few things that deserve nothing but pessimism. Mankind’s abilities to solve the world’s problems? You can’t even get mankind to agree on what the problems are, let alone how to solve any one of them.

    –It’s easy to fear tomorrow. But that’s exactly why we need films like Tomorrowland. It reminds us the future doesn’t have to be scary.

    The Bible does not paint such a rosy picture of the future. It tells us that evil people will become worse and worse. Jesus tells those who love and follow Him to expect that the world will hate them, because the world hates Him and will hate those who love Him. It tells us to expect time of peril to come, because mankind is fallen and sinful, and they love pleasures more than they love God.

    You are correct, the future is not to be feared. But why? Not because of Tomorrowland, but because of a Jesus who tells to expect troubles in this world, but to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world.

  2. Sparksofember says:

    Tomorrowland takes this mindset and calls it out for what it is: bad stewardship.”  – I really like this line. We aren’t on pause, waiting for the future. We are here now and commanded to live in this moment. While this world may be corrupt and passing away, it’s still full of reminders of God’s presence and we should delight in what He has given us. 2 Timothy 1:7 comes to mind – we are not given a spirit of fear. And if this movie can remind people to perk up their perspective a little, then it is a timely reminder. 

  3. Julie D says:

    World magazine’s review of this movie was definitely along those lines, the whole ‘beware mankind’s attempts at utopia”, but I’m still curious.

  4. I also loved this movie. I agree that Athena’s character embodied the story’s real agenda, and it wasn’t a false one; we should be good stewards of the creation God has given us. Also, we live in a world of pessimists. We should be looking to create a better world, a brighter future.

  5. Kirsty says:

    Many Christian reviewers, due to the film’s diversity and brief mentions of the environment, dismissed the movie as having a politically liberal agenda.

    I wonder what they think of Revelation 7 or Genesis 1, then?

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