1. Sparks of Ember says:

    I dropped GoT halfway through the first book and after one episode. And I never tried TWD. I’ve got a very low tolerance for gore so both decisions were quick and easy. But I definitely agree on bailing when it gets to be a drag since there are plenty of other shows out there, though my threshold seems to be quite a bit lower than some. Hence I quit Once Upon a Time 3/4 through season 2, Arrow after season 3 and I’m rapidly loosing interest in the Flash.

  2. Travis Perry says:

    I avoided Game of Thrones because images of naked boobs do bother me–let me be clear–I mean, they cause me to sin.

    Walking Dead I quit watching at the same point as you. For me, I thought the show did a good job of showing that people can be awfully evil when push comes to shove, when things are really bad. Though the show seemed to lose its way on that message.

    But I agree Negan does not seem like a real person. Though it was how he killed Abraham and Glenn as portrayed that bothered me. Plenty bloody, grotesquely so, but not actually realistic (realism is the basic justification for gore in my mind). Beating someone to death with a bad would not actually look like that.

    So what was the purpose? Simply to revel in gore? What was the effect? In my mind, simply to desensitize viewers to brutality. So after that episode, I stopped watching and never went back.

    Thanks for your post.

  3. Kathleen Eavenson says:

    Never watched either show you mentioned – neither one appealed. Watched season 1 of HBO’s Westworld, toughed it out actually. The violence, the nudity (I really don’t want to be that familiar with the actors’ bodies!!), just got to be too much. Season 2 when & if it shows up? No thanks, I’ll pass.

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