1. Autumn Grayson says:

    I don’t necessarily mind differences existing between the books/original source material and a later adaptation, at least for the most part. Sometimes those differences can actually be huge improvements. So far, while reading one of the light novels about Uchiha Itachi’s backstory, I like the anime adaptation of that storyline far better, even if it changed some things. While there were some great elements in the novel that were missing from the anime, the anime overall did a better job of presenting Itachi’s character with emotional and mental depth. Again, there were some elements in the novel that would have been nice to see in the anime, but not enough to say ‘the book was better’.

    Usually if I complain about a lack of faithfulness to the source material, it’s when a later adaptation could have been waaaaayyy better, and would have been better if it actually used more material from the source. But if a show is unfaithful to the source material but has an awesome result…that’s usually fine. Not always, but if people do stray…then they should stray well. The Jurassic Park movies were very different from the books, but I didn’t mind them because they were still fairly good and well made(not too crazy about the fourth and fifth movies though). The first three Jurassic Park movies weren’t perfect, but they are a decent example of straying well.

  2. We do a lot of reading books and watching the movies as part of our schoolwork, and I’ve been working to have my kids look for the heart of the story, and talk about why a change might be good for a book.
    Sadly, most times when they adapt a book, they’re not interested in the heart, they’re interested in the property and the quick buck of getting fans to watch it.

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