1. Well, as far as traditional mainstream publishing goes, Tui T Sutherland’s Wings of Fire series is really good, especially Darkstalker. Also, I haven’t read much of his work yet, but listening to a lot of Brandon Sanderson’s talks, I like a lot of how he thinks about storytelling, etc.

    With indie stuff, I’ve been more into comics lately. I know I’ve mentioned Kay Fedewa’s Blackblood Alliance before, along with Alai Cinereo’s Everfallen (though the story has made a lot more progress since the last time I mentioned it.)

    Whispers of the True King by Pokcik Emiree (a comic on the Tapas comic app) looks promising so far. Rebirth by 69Michi is pretty awesome so far(which can be found on Line Webtoon) It has some sci-fi elements, but has enough magic and stuff that it can qualify for fantasy just as easily.

  2. I’ve been reading lots of urban fantasy recently, or YA fantasy, which is often urban fantasy without the sex or language.
    Let’s see in urban fantasy Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, the Invisible Library (though that’s a strange marriage of steam punk, fantasy and other bits), the Pax Arcana series, can’t remember the author name.
    In YA… the Fablehaven books have been a bit hit with my kids, Artemis Fowl… My favorite author sadly died a few years ago, Diane Wynne Jones. In a similar vein is the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane, she also wrote some Star Trek books which is how I first found her.

What do you think?