1. notleia says:

    Heck, we already do genetic engineering with food crops. There are plenty of people with bugs up their butts about GMO’s and M O N S A T O (who, in all honesty, are pretty scummy).

    But what I want to see is a mammoth — or if we’re being specific, an elephant with mammoth characteristics. It’s a lot more feasible than the dinosaurs, with 100% less carnivory.

    • There’s also those little experiments where they tried to give baby chicks some more dino like traits, like teeth. I kinda want a little raptor chicken like that, though that wouldn’t be nice since chickens(or at least roosters) can be jerks and they’d probably be even worse with teeth.

      • notleia says:

        What would be worse would be geese with raptor characteristics. They channel their frustration from lack of teeth into extra bloodlust already.

  2. People always push their boundaries. It’s kind of the same with people trying to make an AI that feels and thinks just like a human, even if it’s not smart to make something that can ultimately replace or destroy us(there are some uses to making such advanced tech, but do we really need to try and go all the way and make a full fledged sentient creature out of it?)

    With the genetic stuff, humans have been messing around with it ever since they started domesticating things. That’s what selective breeding/artificial selection is. But the process is much slower and maybe allows us to correct our course a lot easier.

    Part of the issue with more modern applications of genetics have to do with how we start to regard living things, especially fellow humans. If we learn to pretty much do anything we want with genetics, society will probably slowly but surely start to see people and animals as more replaceable, or as usable tools. At least in some regards.

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