1. notleia says:

    GHOST IN THE SHELL https://youtu.be/q0z08OpmEPc

    Were you the one I yelled at to watch the original 90’s animated one rather than the ScarJo remake?

  2. Travis Perry says:

    You make an interesting point that a Christian should not share self-control with machine parts. Do you have a different opinion about machine parts that are completely under human control? Even if that still means giving up being a human being? Say, removing a brain from a human body and installing it directly into a spaceship or something like that?

    • Kathleen Eavenson says:

      Aha! Anne McCaffrey’s “The Ship Who Sang”, plus the novels that followed!

      Perhaps it’s not too early for our society to talk about all the possible ramifications. We might…*might*…arrive at a mutually agreeable set of governing principles by time they’re needed. (Wouldn’t want to bet on that though!!)

  3. I’d wonder if there’s any point in being able to walk around again if I wasn’t in control of myself, though I guess that would depend on how aware I was of my surroundings and what the thing controlling me was doing and how my life compared as a parapalegic(could I communicate or control a computer enough to write, etc?)

    Have you seen the new Godzilla anime movies on Netflix? They’re pretty cool, and there becomes a bit of a technology merging with organic beings conflict, especially in the second movie.

    Another part of the issue is mechanical body parts being hacked, which would be especially bad when it came to mechanical parts in the brain. That’s probably a more immediate issue than the mechanical part/its software trying to take over a human body.

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