1. A. D. Smith says:

    Great Post!  I guess deep down inside, I’ve always wanted to be a superhero!  To know there’s a power waiting to rise up from your inner-most being.  Well…I believe we do have something like that.  The Holy Spirit!!!  I also just released my first book entitled, ‘The Assigned’.  Imagine X-Men meets the Bible.  Three young adults are given extraordinary powers from God after each of their lives is shaken by tragedy. Right now, it’s #1 in Christian Fantasy (Ebooks) on Amazon. To God be the Glory! 
    I had trailer made from the same creative mind behind Karen Kingsbury and John Grisham trailers. I have to say they made it AWESOME! You can check it out here.

    But I believe God is raising up ‘superheroes’ in our churches, our lives, and even our stories!  The Power of God will again be, ‘Mainstream’!  God Bless!

  2. Galadriel says:

    Beyond Superman and a few Marvel films, I don’t have much experience with superhero films, but I think “superheros” are a different class than “heros”

  3. Galadriel: The Doctor would be considered a superhero. He’s an alien with a magical science-box, and a magic wand/sonic screwdriver that can do anything. And he tries to save people and solve problems. All he’s missing is the spandex.

    • Galadriel says:

      See, I have a narrower definition  Superheros tend to win with powers–super strength, an iron suit, a serum, etc… and rarely does that involve guile or cleverness, at least in my very limited experience.

  4. I’m not sure of the official definition for “superhero,” but I think of it as one who does heroic things with supernatural power. If you’re into fantasy, that encompasses a wide variety of fictional characters. In the realm of spiritual reality, it describes people who give their all to Christ and are empowered by His Spirit to accomplish God’s purposes in ways they could never manage in their own strength.

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