1. notleia says:

    By the power vested in my by this empty combox, I’m going to go super off-topic:

    I’m exploring my completionist urges in Stardew Valley. I’ve done the Community Center and grinded my way through the mines and the desert dungeon. I’ve allllmost caught all the different kinds of fish, even the legendary. I’m working on getting all the recipes to complete all the cooking, and at some point I’ll do all the crafting recipes. I got me a waifu, but since I’ve done the kids thing in an earlier game, I don’t really care about that this round (kids in that game end up being pretty boring).

    Who is your favorite waifu? I married Penny the first time around, but I can’t shake the feeling that characters like Penny or Sebastian or Abigail or Sam need to move to the city rather than a relationship to make them happier. At least Leah appreciates my foraging gifts. I mean, I walked around the entire Cindersap map to find that, Jodie, whaddya mean you don’t like it?!?

    • Hollow Knight fired up my completionist urges on the Switch. Stardew was a bit more expansive than I had anticipated. I got fairly far but ran out of steam at about 100 hrs. Your comment made me want to dive back in, but between work, being with my daughter and wife, and writing, it’s probably best that I don’t. (Watch, I’ll probably dive back in tonight.) Then again… the release of FF7 tomorrow on Switch might sufficiently distract me from Stardew again.

      This is why I don’t read enough.

  2. Deborah says:

    I love this! So many good ones–and a couple I still need to read! I would add Howl’s Moving Castle. 😀

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