1. Will says:

    Good read. I like the idea of the timing. If Frodo gave in too soon, the quest would have been over. That’s really cool because God redeems the time and knows that every second counts. So resisting evil and eventually falling, still shows grace if we repent and are open to the Spirit.

  2. Excellently written, Travis! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on such combat.

  3. Abigail Falanga says:

    Phew! What a fantastic article!

  4. Rachel Laird says:

    Interesting article. I do agree that some battles need to be physically fought. Extremist groups like ISIS can’t be reasoned with and sticking our heads in the sand won’t solve anything.

    The biggest battles are indeed fought in our minds. Inside our very being. Tolkien showed us this in Frodo’s battle in resisting the pull of the ring.

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