1. CE Martin says:

    I think you meant to say it has been INaccurately described as Ghostbusters meets Black Hawk Down, because Ghostbusters actually has ghosts.

    It was a clever line, but Christ isn’t a perception, he’s a fact. I don’t want to see Christ impaled on a cross, tortured for what others, including myself, do wrong. But I do. I don’t want to see millions worshipping false gods and prophets, but I do. That’s not my bias–it’s a fact. There’s only one God, and His son, Jesus Christ, is the ONLY way to salvation and eternal life. As a Christian I can’t say anything else.

    Others may be biased by their own (mis)beliefs, but Christians aren’t. We see the Truth, at least when it comes to our King of Kings.

  2. notleia says:

    Is it aliens? It’s aliens.

  3. Interesting post, Mark. I think for those who become Christians our “bias” has to be that God can do the impossible. Anything that might otherwise seem hard to accept is covered by that fact.

    And I think CE has a point about the difference between “biases”–they aren’t all equal. There actually is objective, knowable truth anchored in reality and unaffected by who or how many believe it.


  4. Tim W Brown says:

    Seeing Christianity portrayed in such a ludicrous fashion – unfair, distorted, flip, and demeaning (not to mention willfully ignorant) – can also make one cautious in accepting flip descriptions of other things, in politics, religion, economics, social issues, etc., etc. Pretty much every aspect of human life is more complex than can be expressed in a ‘meme,’ and pretty much all memes are grotesque distortions (even if made ‘just for fun’ (though to be honest, I think many ‘just for fun’ memes are inspired by just the kind of disdain discussed in the above article)).

  5. Paul Lee says:

    After all, only an insane person would strap themselves into a metal container with dozens of gallons of combustible fuel which is constantly exploding right at their feet and hurl themselves down the highway at fatal speeds, mere feet away from similar contraptions being driven by people prone to any number of distractions.

    That is totally bizarre and irrational, but desperate people in desperate times do desperate things. Some people build crude rafts out of tires and try to escape tyranny on the open sea, and other people get in a car and drive to work on any given miserably hellish morning. That is human life as we know it.

    And this is a good piece — well put about perspective. It’s almost always possible to turn sarcasm and mockery back on the scoffers. That’s one reason why I try to take everything seriously — or at least I think we should take every person as seriously as possible. Even the alien guy.

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