1. dmdutcher says:

    I don’t think this series shows that it’s awesome. I do think it shows why it’s such a powerful cultural experience with evangelicals, but you can have a work that’s a powerful cultural experience and still be pretty bad. The Da Vinci Code, case in point.

    Evangelicals really don’t have these kinds of experiences. Very few markets cater to them specifically on a large scale, and devout Christianity is now a subculture instead of convention. So Left Behind was water into parched soil, and evangelicals soaked it up. I think your liking of it is more because of being a part of that culture, than it’s real awesomeness. Kind of the same way people swear by 80’s cartoons like Transformers or GI Joe, when they are some pretty horrible stuff. (I loved both as a kid, so I can say this.)

    I wasn’t really into evangelicalism then, so I don’t get the same love for it. When I was into it, it was late 80’s-early 90’s, and things like Frank Peretti’s books or CCM of that era is my “awesome” stuff.

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