1. Autumn Grayson says:

    Interestingly, some people who have dealt with narcissists and psychopaths in real life have said that those people can sometimes be identified because of the uncanny valley thing. Psychopaths don’t have the same emotions/manifestation of emotion that the average human does, so they are pretty much faking goodness, etc. Some people have reported that that fakeness comes off in an uncanny valley manner, even if it might take a long time to notice.

    We humans get so used to things that are good and normal in our lives that we subconsciously freak out or at least feel uncomfortable when things are just a little bit off, even if we can’t actually pinpoint what feels wrong. When people say ‘listen to your instinct’ I think the more accurate thing is to say that if something enters uncanny valley territory, it is time to start paying attention and be wary.

    I think that’s a very fascinating thing to explore in fiction; why certain things unsettle us and when we should listen to our instincts and when our instincts might led us astray.

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