1. Lisa says:

    Ah, The Great Divorce. One of my favourites. And it encapsulates so much of what we have been discussing here in the series of “Should Christian stories evangelize?” There is no strictly defined “evangelism” in that book, but in a sense that whole story is evangelistic as it presents spiritual reality and invites a choice in the minds of the reader. And it very much leaves the choice open, just like all the dead in the story had a choice, too. I love that Jacobs quote, it sums it all up very nicely!

  2. Excellent points, Lisa. You’ve nailed it. Lewis is a master at not evangelizing but in creating a thought-provoking environment through story that invites readers to consider spiritual themes. Not every reader will, but even in an evangelistic crusade, not every person who is lost will respond favorably to the call of the Holy Spirit. And I agree that Mr. Jacobs nailed precisely what Lewis did: he depicted truth instead of proving it.

    Thanks for contributing to the topic, Lisa.


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