1. MereChristian says:

    Thank you for writing this. I think that I (and others I suppose) are sometimes to ho-hum about the fantasticalness of the Christmas story because it’s so common-place to us.

  2. I agree, MC. We’ve heard the story so often—and the longer we live the more often we hear it—so we become a little callous to the amazing, even shocking, events, which were not common place for any of the people involved. Every time I read that the shepherds were “terribly frightened” when the angel “suddenly stood before them,” I think, Well, yeah! 😉


  3. Charmaine Davis says:

    I like how one of our preachers brought out how suddenly angels appeared to the shepherds and how we modern folks kind of gloss over it, like seeing angels was an everyday occurrence.

    The entire Bible is fantastical, proving there’s more than meets the eye in our cold-hearted, blind world.

    • Good observation, Charmaine. I agree–we gloss over the sudden appearance of the angels, probably because we’ve heard the story so often we forget what it would be like to be hanging out with a group of coworkers in the dead of night and suddenly to have an angel stand in front of you. Not to mention the glory of the LORD shining all around.

      Indeed there is much more than meets the physical eye. I think one of the best things we can pray for those we want to see come to faith is that God would open the eyes of their heart that they might see Jesus.

      As I think about the shepherds, I wonder if God didn’t simply open their eyes–that the angel was there as was His glory, but now they could see them. It’s similar to what happened to Elisha’s servant in 2 Kings 6, I believe.

      But maybe not. The angel could just as easily have appeared “out of thin air.” For God, neither scenario is beyond His power to perform. I think that’s the best part of the Christmas story.


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