1. I get sad when I consider that my faith tells me that such an ending is coming in the next decade or two, and no one seems to care. It’s a real call to get yourself straight with the Lord, before it’s too late. As entertainment, I could cry, or I could puke out of disgust. But be entertained? Not this ol’far*.

  2. Parker, I think you and I are soul sisters. hahaha! Seriously. Hubby and I love natural disaster movies! Yeah, Armageddon tops the list. We also love Space Cowboys (Clint Eastwood!!), The Day After Tomorrow, I, Robot (which is more human disaster than natural) … then there’s the potential disaster Tremors (because Kevin Bacon), the based-on-real-events Apollo 13, and somehow, Minority Report feels a little human disaster related.

    I think people love end-of-all-things movies because we like that we beat it. Someone, like a normal person and not a genius, figures out how to save the Earth. We love that! And I find it funny that Hollywood tries so hard to put God into those kinds of movies. I don’t think they do it to appeal to Christians. I think they just can’t help themselves. God is omnipresent, right? hahaha!

    • I forgot about those movies! I admit, I’ve not seen Space Cowboys but now I want to! Tremors! Yes, nostalgia trip. I love how you said Hollywood can’t help itself!

  3. Nelson F. Gonzalez says:

    Lol! I love that “Don’t mean to brag or anything…” Pinterest photo on the right up here Parker. Love it! Yep. Every single time, but we speculative fiction folk just eat it up. We love seeing our planet and cities go through a destructive cycle, only for some hero or group of “saviors” to save the day. Can’t wait until the next cool disaster flick to get us going. “Geostorm” and “The Day After Tomorrow” anyone?

    • There is something to it, isn’t it? I like the Day After Tomorrow. Another one I liked was a made for TV movie with the doctor from SGA. It was for Syfy TV. Can’t remember the name though. It was a Mayan Prophecy one using the Easter Isle heads as part of the plot.

  4. Nice article Parker. I find apocalyptic stories interesting myself, but the only good ending is the one God already wrote.

    I think the reason everyone is drawn to these types of stories is because it points them toward the truth that something better awaits us after this world is done away with. Sadly, many do not see the full truth behind that message but only resonate with the fact that this world will pass away.

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