1. I am a sixty-something, white-haired grandmother who loves Christian Heavy Metal and writes Christian Epic Fantasy with (sometimes) dark themes. I have shocked people when they learn what I do and read my books. That’s fine with me. And … I write best when listening to loud, non-wimpy music. It fuels my imagination. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  2. I listen to a variety of things, and am often not clear of the genre. Some of it is metal, though maybe not heavy metal. I think Red, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace are usually the heaviest I listen to.

    Most of the songs I like have a touch of anger, angst, tragedy, or a hint at some negative aspect of life, even if they sound happy and upbeat at first. Like…Blue, by Marina and the Diamonds. At first I wasn’t paying much attention to the lyrics and just interpreted it as her having a hard time letting go of her ex. But, listening more closely, it actually sounds like she doesn’t care much about the guy she keeps coming back to, and is just using him to make herself feel better emotionally. Rather cruddy of her, but it shows that songs aren’t positive just because they sound upbeat.

    But angsty music, or music that reveals the more uncomfortable parts of human nature is excellent story fuel. It’s sort of hard to find good songs that don’t mention even a hint of challenge or anger or sadness in them, though. I don’t even necessarily think people should be expected to, so long as they make sure they aren’t letting their listening influence them badly.

  3. Plini, Arch Echo, Intervals, Snarky Puppy (though that’s more jazz), Periphery, Oh Sleeper, Silent Planet, Architects, Animals as Leaders – that’s some of my go-to “writing music.” On the non-metal side, TPR’s Melancholy video game tribute soundtracks are fantabulous.

    But even if you’re not into metal, everyone should look up Plini, Arch Echo, and Snarky Puppy. You’re welcome in advance.

    • Have you heard of Globus? From what I understand they have at least some elements of metal in their music. Some of it could be good writing listening for you perhaps. My favorites by them are Orchard of Mines and Sarabande Suite (Aeternae)(That song starts out kinda slow, but gets way more epic as it goes along)

  4. notleia says:

    Dance party in the comments! I offer Mongolian folk(?) metal, which is a kinda baffling thing to exist, but I’m sold on it.

  5. Going to actually link music now that I’m back on my pc again. This is some of the stuff I’ve been listening to that’s inspired my current WIP. Not really metal, but yeah:






    And, this one’s from Starset. They have quite a few songs I like:


    And, this has nothing to do with my current WIP, but I’m including it because it’s a pretty good indie song that deserves some attention:

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