1. notleia says:

    Honestly, with the exception of LWW, 2-hr movies are just the wrong format to try to tell Narnia visually. Prince Caspian was struggling for content to fill out 2 hours, while Dawn Treader had to bork it up to fit its into 2 continuous hours. I think Silver Chair will be another one struggling to fill 2 hours, even if they try to pad it out with atmospheric wasteland/cavern panning shots (which at least have artistic merit when done right, but it’s a harder sell to a wider audience).

    What I would do, given creative control, would be to get an animation house with an artsy reputation (possibly kidnapping the Pope for ransom for the funding needed) and do something more like a mini-series or an anthology and tell it properly without having to cram/stretch it into expected time slots. No big screen release, just disc/download sales (SERIOUSLY, why isn’t selling movies by download a thing yet?) and it should do pretty well.

  2. Martin LaBar says:

    I hope those in charge follow your advice. Thanks!

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