1. Amy Timco says:

    This cracks me up! Pure brilliance!

  2. Christian says:

    I don’t write poetry and I typically don’t enjoy it but Poe’s The Raven is one of the few I do enjoy. Your parody is exceptional. Well done, Fred!

  3. Very clever, Fred. Here I’d thought to do an article about Pottermore. So glad I didn’t. Your humor was much more fitting.

    But I wonder, do you really think Pottermore will have an effect on publishing? I mean, I sort of thought, what works for J. K. Rowling works because she is J. K. Rowling.


    • Becky, I would still love to see an article on Pottermore from you, especially as relates to self-publishing.
      And as always, Fred, super job!

    • Fred Warren says:

      Oh, please do write the article Becky. My goofing doesn’t begin to address the deeper issues here. I don’t think it’s such a revolutionary move on the surface–we’ve had self-publishing and interactive writing communities for years–but I think the psychological impact could be huge.

      1. Self-publishing has been the crazy aunt in the attic for a long time now. If a name author has the confidence to run off and start creating her own e-books and self-publishing new material, it’s going to inspire other people to follow her example. Granted, J.K. Rowling has huge resources at her disposal, but it’s the principle of the thing. Self-publishing increasingly becomes the province of savvy, talented authors, and derisive labels like “vanity press” lose their power. It also brings the artist closer to their audience.

      2. Traditional publishing houses demand authors bring with them an established “platform” of dedicated fans who they know will buy their books. Rowling may demonstrate that if you’ve got the platform, modern technology enables you to dispense with the publishing house and pocket all that money that used to go to intermediaries. If you’re a publisher, this must be terrifying. What will they do when more big-name authors decide to bolt from the system? How will they attract new celebrity authors?

  4. Galadriel says:

    Interesting….very interesting

  5. Krysti says:

    I love your parody, Fred! I don’t get to drop by here much anymore, but that was great!

    Becky, you really SHOULD write that article!  Now we’re all curious and ready to eat it up–

    Sharing the link to this at http://facebook.com/ms.contraryartist! I hope you won’t mind! 

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