1. Lauren says:

    Anne Elisabeth Stengl! While Heartless does fall into some tropes, the rest of the Goldstone Wood series is amazing!

    Best Christian fiction series ever, but sadly did not sell well. She indie published a couple, but last I heard decided to give it up to write mainstream fiction under another name.

    And if anyone knows what name that is, I would love to find her again! She’s not revealing on her blog because of “darker” themes.

    • Yes, that’s a great add. She established her Roogle Publishing, or something like that. But she’s been busy being a mom, I think. I don’t know how her writing is doing. Her mom, Jill Stengel, writes too, or wrote first but has returned to writing. I read a historical of hers set in revolution France, and it was very good.


  2. Here are a few authors/titles I recommend:

    Nadine Brandes – “Out of Time” series. Dystopian future with a female protagonist like “Hunger Games”
    Scott Appleton – “The Sword of the Dragon” series. High fantasy with dragons.
    John W. Otte – “Failstate”. Urban superheroes.
    Ethan Russell Erway – “Blowing Off Steam” series. Steampunk.
    Kerry Nietz – “A Star Curiously Singing”. Futuristic cyberpunk.
    Allan Rainey – “Flight of the Angels”. Far-future space opera.
    Kirk Outerbridge – “Eternity Falls”. Hard-boiled detective blended with cyberpunk.

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