1. Julie D says:

    Allow me a paragraph or two to geek out over Gaiman before getting to what he had to say.
    Neil Gaiman is the closest thing to Lewis or Tolkien that modern fantasy has managed to produce, especially if you consider his range of output along Lewis’s work. His work is brilliant at combining the mundane and the extraordinary…I first heard of him when he wrote the Doctor Who episode “The Doctor’s Wife” (one of the best episodes of the revived series, not only for prose and story but as a piece of a larger mythology) and promptly ran to find everything else he’d ever written.
    He’s got urban fantasy and fairy tale and the Sandman tales, which create a new mythology around the Endless “who are not gods and never will be”, personifications of Death, Destiny, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium.
    And as for what he says–spot on. I’m a college student, and even with my required reading, I still take the effort to bike to the public library and pick up materials I otherwise wouldn’t have access to, ranging from DVDs to books and audio dramas. My budget is small, but libraries are big…bigger on the inside.

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