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  2. Amen, Randy! Well said! Easter is anything but mundane, anything but rote. It is the once and for all, undisputed championship of God over sin, death, hell, and the devil. It is amazing that anyone or anything would seek to upstage it or ignore it. I’m with you brother. Let’s raise a shout of declaration. He is risen!

  3. Vague feelings of superficial joy permeate the illusion of ‘the magic of Easter’ as it is laid out before a blind and deaf audience. We smile at the bunny, the chocolate, and the tulips. We laugh at the children hunting for hidden eggs in the grass. We are busy. We are too distracted by the trappings of Easter to meditate on the meaning behind the hidden eggs. We are lulled into this pseudo joy thinking it is the real deal, as good as it gets. We are happy.
    I’m not condemning any of these things. But my little inner voice reminds me that I must not confuse ‘happy’ with ‘deep, true joy’. Screwtape must be laughing. How simple. Let the humans believe they have found joy when, in fact, they are distracted from and blinded to the source of the deepest joy … the true deep magic of Easter. He is risen indeed. Thank you for reminding us.

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