1. This is very exciting, and I hope this endeavor meets with massive success.

    From what I can see, this isn’t about “edginess” per se; it’s about creating a space where Christian authors are free to be true to the stories they want to tell. And that’s something the world sorely needs.

    • At the risk of spoilage, I’ve begun reading The Crossover Alliance’s first anthology collection. Some of the short stories did not appeal to me, and/or were part of larger story-universes with which I had no familiarity. However, three in particular have stood out–one of which adapts in freakish fashion those dire warnings in Proverbs about fornication. I ended that one shaking. And running in the right direction.

      • Mark Carver says:

        Whoops, this was meant to be in response to Austin’s comment 🙂

      • Thank you for those encouraging words about that story. That particular story has received quite a bit of negative feedback. And I get it. It’s disgusting. I wouldn’t want my mom reading it. But that’s kind of the point of those proverbs… to show how damaging adultery really is.

        Thanks so much!

    • Mark Carver says:

      Right. Edginess is not the focus, and it really is a relative term, but now there is a place for readers and writers who are tired of tip-toeing around.

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