1. Audie says:

    I grew up on The Hardy Boys (the fictional detectives, not the wrestlers). A bit later in my childhood, I discovered The Three Investigators, and more so then the Hardys those stories had either a speculative or almost-speculative element to them. Oh, and Danny Dunn and Encyclopedia Brown, too. Ah, good times.

    One of my favorite spec characters is Sam Vimes from the Discworld stories. If I remember right, he wasn’t suppose to be a main character at first, but just kinda took over the role as the stories went along. But secondary characters, like Nobby Nobs and the Patrician, add at good bit to those stories, too.

    • I read The Hardy Boys, too. And Nancy Drew. Gave me a love for mysteries that has lasted. To me the best story is a fantasy that has at it’s core, a mystery. 😀 .

      Sometimes in ensemble casts, it’s hard to know who is the secondary character. But yes, the good ones always add to the story! Your examples sound spot on! I’m not familiar with Discworld stories, so will have to trust your judgment!


  2. Tamra Wilson says:

    You want a list? Mine include about half the characters in the Redwall series, the Tin Man (I’m a bit of a romantic) Queen Lucy the Valiant, Mrs. Valiant from Hind’s Feet on High Places (she’s in only one scene, but she exemplifies the kind of woman I want to be) and a litany of princesses and heroines from fairy tales. One of my current favorites is Nycteris from George Macdonald’s “The Day Boy and the Night Girl”.

    I also find myself attracted to elementals, like dryads and water spirits. I was a huge Little Mermaid fan when I was a kid, (I graduated to Jasmine thankfully) so I suppose that’s part of it. There was this one character from the Aladdin cartoon series that I absolutely adored, even though he was the antagonist of the week. He was a plant elemental and that helped my fascination with nature-based characters.

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