1. Al says:

    Very good start to the conversation! It was nice to see this viewpoint described through the lens of scientific discovery. Thank you!

    I’ll look forward to the remaining articles.

    • Travis Perry says:

      Thank you. I agree this is a pretty good start to a conversation–though I already began the conversation in parts 1-4 and then decided I needed to say this before I go on.

      It probably would have been better to say this bit up front (which is what I’ll probably do if I make this into a book in the future). But anyway, if you found what I wrote useful, please read 1-4. We’ll keep going from where I left off at part 4 when I get to part 6.

  2. Ironic. Because of how marvelously designed the house is–how intricately the pieces fit together in just the right pattern–we no longer think we need an architect to explain its existence.

    • Travis Perry says:

      It is ironic that seeing and understanding a greater order in the universe led some to conclude that the “house has no architect.” But in fact, I’d say that the order we cannot understand in nature even more than what we can understand points to a creator God–and architect capable of thinking thoughts that are quite literally beyond the understanding of any human being. Even our super geniuses.

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