1. Julie D says:

    I won an ebook copy and finished the book in two days. It’s interesting to see how the book has been recieved

  2. Steve Taylor says:

    The website that posted the Amish Vampires in Space cover as being the #1 worst Christian book cover was trying to be funny but in my opinion whoever wrote the article doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. A couple captions under the covers were even offensive. Only two covers were professionally done – AViS and Christianity Lite. Has this website seen the covers of secular ebooks lately? Woowee there are some bad ones. In all fairness they should do a top worst for those.

    AViS is a wonderful book and I would have read it no matter what the cover art was because the author of the DarkTrench series wrote it.

  3. Kerry Nietz says:

    Thanks, Steve. That’s very kind of you. Glad you enjoyed it. And congrats on your reviewer ranking on Amazon. That’s impressive!

  4. srzasa says:

    *Also Like* 🙂

  5. My husband burst out laughing at his computer yesterday. When I inquired about what was so funny he pointed to the Amish Vampires in Space cover and said, “I have to read that.”

    Some get it. Some don’t.

  6. Steve Taylor says:

    Kerry, My Amazon rank is not on perpose. I started writing book reviews to help me self learn to write betterer and over time they just added up. Not sure my righting has improoved but my speller has shure gotten betters.

  7. Kudos on all the publicity! I haven’t read it (yet), but I’ve been solidly behind the idea since I first ran across it as a joke. When the Washington Post article made the rounds on Facebook, I was totally jazzed. I think you can successfully say that your book is going viral.

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