1. Al Johnson says:

    I’m sorry to disagree, but in the classic sense, It’s a Wonderful Life is a much better story. The Muppet Christmas Carol can rank equal to It’s a Wonderful Life, but not A Christmas Carol.
    In the story Charles Dickens wrote, the ghosts come with pompous condemnation. One could argue that the only reason Scrooge changed was out of fear from the death described to him by the last ghost.
    None of the versions, book or film outside of The Muppet Christmas Carol, is marked by love, a compassion in the spirits and their warnings. When comparing that to the story of Jesus, and how He came, it falls terribly flat. Terribly.
    I will watch The Muppet Christmas Carol every year, sometimes four times in December, but Charles Dickens can go away. Thanks for reading.

    • Colleen K Snyder says:

      I wholeheartedly second the motion of “The Muppet Christmas Carol” as a telling of the compassion and love that can change a heart. It’s goofy enough to enjoy on every level, but leaves you with that sense of “yes, joy wins” sense. It’s on our family tradition list as well.

    • Muppet Christmas Carol for the WIN!

      I’d also add Inventing Christmas, I think that’s the title, which is the (fanciful and probably mostly fictional) story of how Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. It’s a great insight into a writer’s mind, and also a fun way to see how Dickens changes as he writes the story.

  2. Lorraine Cassidy says:

    I have always enjoyed that Dickens chose the first name Ebenezer, since it means, “thus far has the LORD helped me”. His name itself speaks of the moment when his life changes and turns.

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