1. Maria Tatham says:

    John, I like this post a lot. It’s lucid, and the thinking is logical and Biblical from start to finish.

  2. Galadriel says:

    Interesting way of thinking of it. I generally don’t like scientific examples, but that was clear enough for even me to get it.

  3. Kessie says:

    If they’re all sinners, then you have room for eeeeeevil aliens who come to take over the world.
    If some are sinless, then you have room for the good, naive aliens from Galaxy Quest who don’t understand that fiction is a lie.
    So either way makes for good fiction. 🙂

  4. Hurray!  This is exactly how it works in the trilogy I’m writing, and I’ve always feared it was the wrong approach, but your explanation makes perfect sense (as does your cool example!).

    My thought, though, is that in order to atone for humankind, Christ needed to be both fully infinite God, and fully human.  Wouldn’t he need to be fully God and fully alien if he was to atone for an alien people outside of Adam’s race? 

    • John Otte says:

      That’s a valid question, one that I never really tackled when I was writing my trilogy about the same subject (don’t worry, it’s been shelved indefinitely; long story). If humanity were ever to encounter an alien race(s) that seemed to suggest that what I talked about is reality, then I would think we would need to convene a Church Council as of old to discuss the matter.
      But off the top of my head, there are one of two ways to answer your question:
      1) By becoming human, the Creator incarnated as a creation. Perhaps by doing so, Jesus took on, not just human nature, but the nature of created beings everywhere. It’d be similar to how Jesus’ incarnation as a man also applied to women too (I know that’s not the same as aliens, but as the old trope goes, men are from Mars, women are from Venus).
      2) By dying and rising as a human being, Jesus “replaced humanity’s burnt out bulb,” to overuse my analogy, thus allowing the current to flow to the other races as well. The problem is, because the alien races have been “currentless” for so long, they can’t recognize that the power is back. Plus, there’s the sin thing.
      Of course, we’re just dancing on the end of a theological tree branch, so I say, “Go for it!” It’ll be fun.

      • Hmmm, good thoughts.  Point 1 is kind of how I’ve been thinking it would work.

        In my trilogy, God protected the other world in a way, preserving it the degree of depravity some of the human race has reached.  Although they are sinners, their world is collectively more peaceful and has elements of Eden that Earth no longer has (such as the fact that they all speak the same language, because they never had a Babel incident).  Most people there have very active consciences.  They have an idea of God existing, and acknowledge they were created, but they don’t have any special revelation, although many yearn to know more.  They’re essentially waiting for someone from Earth to tell them about the Gospel.

        The “currentless” thought is interesting.  I guess there would have been a fall moment in their history, but so far back that they don’t remember it.  Maybe it coincides with that great global catastrophe I’ve imagined in their history…….

        …I’ll stop talking now.  😀  This topic is so endlessly interesting to me, and I love my book, so I could be tempted to go on and on…

  5. Bob Menees says:

    Now I’m wondering how the animal kingdom must’ve felt after Adam sinned. All the sudden, if you’re a lamb, wolves are trying to shred and eat you – and you don’t have a clue. I guess that’s when the Good Shepherd stepped in.

  6. Paul Lee says:

    I think other created beings inhabiting other worlds would have to be the same kind of beings as us, because we would always fall into the same “category” when compared to angelic beings on the one hand and animals on the other.  Considering this, by becoming human, Christ could have taken on the essential nature of all of our “category” of beings, perhaps.

  7. […] got me on the whole “how do aliens fit into God’s plan of salvation” business was a class I took in the Seminary called “The Gospel and C. S. Lewis.” Long story short, one fall day I sat down and started piecing together an idea. I grabbed two of my […]

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