1. It may be as bad as the critics say.

    It’s actually worse.

    Only Left Behind, however, is true to its worldview.

    The books are. But the movie’s “worldview” — even using the word seems to connote respect for the movie as having any “view” — makes no sense even internally.

    Sneak preview:

    The book’s opening alludes to wars and rumors of wars indicating a world ready for “the end times,” such as a flashback to Russia invading Israel. The movie bizarrely skips all that and shows a sweet little world in which even a Christianity-hating big sister takes her kid brother to a mall, and where even a naughty flight attendant makes it over-the-top visually obvious that she’s on the prowl. So why does God bust in to ruin everything with a “rapture”? Only then do people start screaming and looting. Movie-Left Behind asks me to believe this nice world actually exists and yet also believe that this world is overdue for apocalypse.

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