1. Bethany J, says:

    I love this!  It’s so inspiring to think that, in creating in our human imitation of our Creator, we have the ability to convey so much truth and even be used as an instrument in God’s hand to change hearts!

  2. Great post, R. J.

    Those stats about church goers and Bible reading are a little shocking. It does give a new perspective on reaching those in church who still don’t know Christ.


  3. R. J. Larson says:

    Thanks, Rebecca!
    Yes, the stats are shocking. I hope this is only a surface reading and that the numbers haven’t accounted for a deeper and enduring faith among those who don’t read the Word routinely. My personal, slightly dyslexic, struggles with numbers make it difficult for me to memorize favorite verses. While I do read and comprehend my Bible, I envy those who can easily recite their personal verses and chapters!

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