1. ‘Tis fascinating that all three finalists were science-fiction story-starters.

    Does that say something about Spec-Faith readers, or Spec-Faith readers who are also aspiring writers, or the same but only a subsection of those who entered the contest, or the speculative story-enjoying population as a whole? Or is it a coincidence?

    Even if I could vote (as editor here, I’m not sure I can!), I’d have a hard time choosing.

    • Stephen, I’m planning on voting. We’re readers as much as any of our visitors, so we can give our opinion, too. Now entering, with a prize on the line, might not have worked.

      I think, like Lauren, that the fact that all three are sci fi has more to do with the execution of their opening than it does with the genre. I prefer something that feels fresh and is well written, even if it is outside my preferred choice of epic fantasy.


      • Timothy says:

        Congratulations, Austin. You wrote a great story.
        Thanks Becky for the opportunity to read so many different stories and writing styles. It was a fun competition.

        Oh, and I like fantasy better too. Sometimes it’s good to try new genres. 🙂

        • Thanks, Timothy!  In Round One, I voted for your entry as soon as I read it.  Your “capital letters” metaphor alone would’ve justified a win by you, I deem.  I love me a good metaphor, and that was one of the best I’d read in months.  A distinct image of saguaro-like cacti popped into my head without any need for further description on your part.  Loved it.

          And I, too, am a high fantasy kinda guy.  Thought I’d use this contest to give myself a brief change of pace.  It was thoroughly enjoyable.  So much so that I might have to figure out what happens next to Captain Galen.  Hmm …

    • Ah then, now I truly do need to spend some time making this very tough decision.

      For a while I’ve tried to settle on a preference between fantasy and science fiction. It hasn’t worked; I enjoy each genre, and their combinations, for identical reasons!

  2. Lauren says:

    Personally, as a Spec Faith reader, and aspiring writer, I’m usually more drawn to high fantasy.  In this contest however, my favorites were also science fiction. Although the writing prompt was broad enough to work either way, it was especially well used in the science fiction genre.

  3. David Alford says:

    Wowzers. Thanks all who voted for me. I’m not really a regular Spec Faith reader (I pretty much only read whatever Austin G or Paul C repost on Facebook). But it’s usually thought provoking when I do.

    I am an aspiring writer and am working on a sci-fi novel write now. For me, writing is about characters and their interactions. I am very bad at keeping the reader up to date on random things like setting.

    Everyone who can’t make up their minds who to vote for should vote for Austin’s (as I will be doing) because his is by far the best of the three. Disclaimer: I am a huge fan of Austin’s writing style and creativity.

    • Alassiel says:

      I ended up voting for Austin’s, but I very nearly voted for yours. It was a bit hard to follow the first time I read it through.  I loved the suspense and curiosity raised by this urgent, mysterious phone call. It had the feel of something important and epic. Well done!

  4. Krysti says:

    I looked at the stories on the previous round, but didn’t have time to vote then. I’ve voted now, although, to be honest, I wish I could have voted for all three stories. 

    I really do hope that those voting are paying attention to the fact that the names in the poll are not posted in the order of the entries. That threw me for a minute.

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