1. Roger Spendlove says:

    You neglect to tell us who is the author of Triplanetary. Also, your review appears to criticize the book and its author’s worldview for their oldness/quaintness, rather that critique them on their own merits (or lack).

    • notleia says:

      To make an educated guess, it’s sexist and most likely racist, and it measures “progress” by means of things that go vroom and boom, which is a viewpoint with limitations.
      On a scale of personality vs archetypes (and/or stereotypes), it probably leaned towards arche/stereotypes. Personalities were becoming more of a thing in literature at the time, but potboilers didn’t really bother.

  2. Kathleen Eavenson says:

    The novel is by E.E. Smith and is 1st (?) in his Lensman series. According to what I found, it first appeared in Amazing Stories in 1934. That makes it before or just at beginning of what’s been called “The Golden Age of Science Fiction.” If you’ve read much sf from that period, this sounds very much like what they were writing.

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